Christian Writing & Speaking Services

Katie Spittal - Blogger, Writer & Speaker


If you enjoy my writing and would like more information about Christian writing & speaking services, becoming a guest blogger, or adding me to your organization's agenda as a Christian speaker about one of the topics I've written about, I'd love to talk with you. Simply message me HERE!

Guest Blogger

As a guest blogger I am eager to add quality content to your website. Guest blogging for a third party is how I got my start. I enjoy reaching out to new readers with my fresh ideas and inspirational writing. My blogs are simple and authentic, appealing to a large audience. 

Guest Writer

If you don't have a blog or you prefer to use my writing in a printed publication, I would love to be a guest writer. My devotionals and spiritual growth articles are ideal for your next publication, be it a newsletter, magazine, or guide. With my approachable writing style my articles appeal to a wide range of readers. I hope to work with your organization to build momentum with your readers, by bringing in new readers and giving a fresh perspective to your current following. 

Guest Speaking

I really enjoy public speaking. I look forward to connecting with your group as a guest speaker.  I share my bible-based principles for growing in their spiritual journey. Through my personal stories, I narrate a connection from my daily life to my relationship with Christ. Many of my stories end experiences come from my years of service with organizations such as MOPS International, Cornerstone Lutheran Church in Carmel IN and  or Northview Church, Carmel, IN. Through these experiences and other training, I have learned how to connect with God and his people and encourage audience members to encounter God and each other on a deeper more emotional level.